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Monthly Archives: July 2013

F1 and the Great Snail Race

The Great Snail Race 14th May 2013 This afternoon F1 told me all about a snail called Norman, but they told me Norman was really a slug who had a donut for a shell! Guess what happened to his pretend shell – a bird pinched it and had it for it's dinner! The children knew … Continue reading »

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F1 and Sidney Snail in the case of the missing minibeasts 7th may 2013

Do you think we will find more bugs next week? Amy, Alicia and Aaron’s mummy Says:            May 7th, 2013 at 7:22 pm    e Awwww – Such lovely photos – Thank you for sharing them – its geat to see the little ones exploring down in the woods – Aaron tells me he had great … Continue reading »

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Forest School Assessment Week

Today we have been to some gorgeous woods in Sheffield to do a practical assessment for Forest Schools. We’ve done all sorts! We have had to show how we can tie different knots, put up shelters, make a tent peg from a piece of wood, show how to use tools properly, make some furniture, cook … Continue reading »

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YEAR 4 – fantastic collaborators

What a fabulous morning we had with year 4. I was really impressed with how you explained why we have some of the safety rules when we are doing forest school activities. Can you remember what they are? I was even more impressed to see how you put these into practice. I hope you will … Continue reading »

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A different type of playtime.

Today was the first day of our new style playtimes, it was the first time I got to spend any real amount of time out on the big playground too. I could have stayed out all day, and I think the children would have too. There was lots to see and do, home made Jenga … Continue reading »

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F1 and the Very Busy Spider

What a gorgeous day to go for a walk to the woods. As always F1 were super learners, they all did amazing listening. Its been a few weeks since we went to the woods, but the children remembered all the things to keep themselves safe! When we sat down we listened to the story of … Continue reading »

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Exciting things

  Exciting things are going to be happening with Forest Schools all through from Children’s Centre to year 6. Even our smallest babies will get chance to explore. We are clearing a new part of the woods so everyone can take part without spoiling the beautiful woods we have got. Today we are starting to … Continue reading »

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Key Stage 1 and 2 changes for playtimes.

Our forest school taster days have shown us how much our children love making dens and shelters . We have bought more den making equipment for children to use at playtimes and lunchtimes. A few weeks ago we had some huge tyres delivered, these have now been moved, in a fashion, to the grass along … Continue reading »

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