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f1 – tree planters

Posted by on September 10, 2013

Mrs Stockdale’s sister has been looking after some new trees for us, she has been helping them to grow big enough for us to plant down at the woods.

F1 carried the little trees down to the woods. They did super persevering because they thought they were heavy. Mrs Stockdale told us the names of the different trees and we were so impressed that some of you remembered what they were.

We used our noticing skills to look at the different types of leaves on the trees and tried to find big trees that had the same leaves. We played a game where we made tree shapes, we stretched our arms and fingers like branches and twigs.

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Thank you Mrs Stockdale’s sister, we will look after them now 🙂

3 Responses to f1 – tree planters

  1. Jessica's mummy

    Jessica really enjoyed her visit to the woods, she has been talking about it all day xx

    • gmilner

      She held my hand on the way back up, I’ve missed Jessica, it was a lovely morning. 🙂

  2. Jessicas's mum

    She misses you too, even though she thinks she’s too old to talk to you now haha xxx keep up the good work 🙂 xx

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