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F1 went on a fairy hunt!

Posted by on September 17, 2013

… and some of the children saw fairies!

We were so impressed all morning with the f1 group. They are trying so hard to get their waterproofs and wellies on ready to go to the woods, and they are even better at getting them back off with only a little bit of help.

We started off inside, exploring ideas of what fairies might look like, we decided they have wings and they are tiny! We would need to use our noticing muscles well if we were going to see any. We thought there were boy and girl fairies, and mummy and daddy ones. Some even have prickly beards you know. They wear all sorts of different clothes and some have bare feet like Twig from Tree Fu tom. We pretended to talk in fairy voices so we knew what to listen out for. Everyone was doing super listening and had really good ideas.

Even though it was exciting in the woods, everyone did super listening and we were really pleased with how all of you used your noticing muscles to find the dragon’s breath. You really were good at taking turns and asking questions or asking for help. I can’t wait until next week to see where our fairy hunting adventures take us.

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Keep checking back because I got some pictures of fairies, and I will be putting them on this blog soon!


2 Responses to F1 went on a fairy hunt!

  1. Jessicas's mum

    Once again Jessica was full of stories about her trip to the woods, she told me there was fairy water and fairy juice and everyone had to be quiet so not to scare the fairies. She told me about building new houses for the fairies 🙂 magical moments. Keep up the good work xxx

    • gmilner

      it was a fantastic morning, they all were brilliant, and they’re only 3! We did find a fairy café and they had left us some snack for helping them to build new houses. 🙂

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