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Year 1 Pirate Adventure

Posted by on September 17, 2013

What a fantastic afternoon we had! We were really impressed with how well you remembered the things that keep you safe in the woods. It was all very exciting and some of you were almost ready to burst with excitement! That would have been messy!

We were really proud of how well you listened and joined in. I think everyone gave ideas and answered questions. I loved some of the pirate names you came up with. Can you remember what yours was?

It was great to hear and see all the different ideas you came up with for what sort of equipment you might need to be a pirate, there were lots of different ideas – and someone even thought we should have a cat.

It was fantastic to see you all working together to think of ideas to make your pirate ships, I loved how some of you put canons on your ships and thought of ways to steer your boats. We didn’t have time for us all to look at each others boats, but Capn Stockdale and myself went and tried them all out and played pirates for a bit after we had made sure the fire circle was all safe. You had some really good ideas.

I had the best afternoon and I hope you had fun too.

if you had fun shout ” oooooh aaaaar!”

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2 Responses to Year 1 Pirate Adventure

  1. Miss Holdsworth

    Looks like you all had a brilliant time 🙂 Can’t wait for year 3’s turn! 🙂

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