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Dragon Hunters in the Woods

Posted by on September 23, 2013


We had a letter this morning, telling us about an intruder in the woods and a big battle. The only problem was part of the letter had been ripped and burnt, so we didn’t know who sent it, and even worse we didn’t know who or what the intruder was.

We set off to find clues, looking for things we wouldn’t normally find in the woods.  We found lots of different things.


Once we had collected everything we set off to try and work out who the things might belong to. We had loads of ideas.

Can you remember some of the things you thought of? We even did some maths to work out if the things were from one creature or more than one.

We decided it was picture of a dragon. We collaborated and made links to when we made collages in class.

Page_3 Page_4

We had worked hard to find out who the intruder was, but we remembered the letter had asked us to try and catch the intruder.

We needed to make a dragon trap – or even a booby trap! I was so impressed with the ideas the group came up with and how they worked problems out

or asked for help, and especially how they collaborated. I loved the idea of using the eggs as bait to catch the dragon in the net, and then the

whacking stick to knock it out before putting it on the pile of firewood you had collected.Page_5


Once the trap was made, we decided we needed to move somewhere else or we wouldn’t catch the dragon.

What better place to hide than at the fire circle.Page_7


We had so much fun, and used so many learning muscles this morning.

Here are the ones I think you used, have I missed any out?

Absorption, managing distractions, noticing, persevering, making links, Imagining, planning, collaboration.

I haven’t forgotten that you said I could come down and look at some of your work in class – although I’m a little worried now you have told

me you have booby traps in there!





16 Responses to Dragon Hunters in the Woods

  1. Mrs Lockwood

    Thank you Gilly and Mrs Stockdale, the children, myself and Miss Astle had super day!!
    Hopefully the trap we made will catch the dragon.

  2. Miss Astle

    We had such a fantastic day, thank you. We definitely stretched lots of learning muscles. I thought the children did some super collaboration and had great ideas, especially when creating the trap. Think we may’ve found the perfect villain for our myth and figured out how to stop the beast.

  3. Lydon

    I built a booy trap we sit all around of the fire.

  4. Gage

    I with deon and gage and Lydon and Jimene and Scott . We made a booed trap.

  5. Scott

    On Monday we go on the bottom field to find eggs and 8 eye balls and tooth And we built a booby trap. We midn a fire and had some thing to eat and drink. Thank you I had fun.

  6. Deon

    I fink it was fire heart he live a giant tree . Thank you can we do it again.

    • gmilner

      You could be right Deon, I think I should google him. We certainly can do it again. I loved it.

  7. jamie

    i liked forist school

  8. gage

    L have catch a the dragon yet?

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