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Monthly Archives: October 2013

Stretching our imagination muscles.

Today we took some pots and pans, magnifying glasses and binoculars to the woods. we enjoyed choosing what to play with and making up our own games. We all found different things to do with our friends. We stretched our imagination muscles and lots of us built cars and buses and used sticks and trees … Continue reading »

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Kings Oak School came to play

Yesterday and today F2 children from Kings Oak school came to play in the woods for the day. We really enjoyed having our visitors, and were so pleased it didn’t rain. We had lots of fun looking for fairies, we found lots of clues to tell us that the fairies had been in the woods. … Continue reading »

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Bish bash bosh it’s a fairy wish

F1 made some fairy wishes today. They used their noticing muscles to collect things that they found interesting. Then they stirred it up, closed their eyes, said some magic words and made a wish.

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Heave Ho! We are viking warriors!

Well it was wet, and miserable today, but year 4 were wet but they certainly weren’t miserable. We almost cancelled this afternoons session because the rain was so heavy, but year 4 convinced me they didn’t mind getting wet, and do you know what I don’t think they did. I had a great afternoon, and … Continue reading »

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Changes were happening in the woods today

Year six are learning about reversible and irreversible changes in science, so we decided to have a go at some experiments in the woods. Have a look and see what we got up to. It did get messy – especially when we were making the plaster of paris – but that might be because some … Continue reading »

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Magic in the woods

WOW! F1 you got your waterproofs on in record time, and you did most of it without help! We were really impressed with how you remembered the things we had been doing in the woods. What brilliant ideas you had about how fairies make magic, you were really good at saying that tricky magic word … Continue reading »

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We’re Jammin’

Year 5 are doing a science project about sound, so we decided to start it off with some activities in the woods. As usual we started off with going over the things that would help us to keep safe as there are some hazards in the woods. Then we went off into the woods to … Continue reading »

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