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We’re Jammin’

Posted by on October 3, 2013

Year 5 are doing a science project about sound, so we decided to start it off with some activities in the woods. As usual we started off with going over the things that would help us to keep safe as there are some hazards in the woods. Then we went off into the woods to find a stick – we didn’t know what our stick was for, we just knew to find one that was no longer than our arm.



We then learned how to tie two different types of knot, a clove hitch and a sheer lashing.  Can you remember which one is tied like this, make two bunny ears in your string, then put the second in front of the first, put the loop over the stick and pull both ends. Mrs Stockdale and myself were really impressed with how everyone became absorbed in the activity and we saw some real perseverance and collaboration. Some of you even made links back to when we were making dens and I made a tent frame using these knots.Page_3Page_4

We talked a little bit about sound, and came up with ideas of what sound was, Robert told us it was made by vibrations, so we talked about what that meant and how we could make vibrations. We then thought about how sounds can be made with musical instruments, we decided you could bang them, beat them, strum them, blow them, shake them, clash them and lots more. After thinking about different instruments we went off to make our own instruments, we were thinking about how the instrument would make a sound, and how we could change that sound. Can you remember some of the things you did to make sounds and then to alter them? Look at these super ideas. We’ve left some of the instruments on the trees, so if you go into the woods, have a go with them, but please make sure you leave them where they are.

Page_5 Page_6 Page_7 Page_8

It started to rain just as we got to the fire circle, so we weren’t sure we could make a fire, it took a little bit longer than usual to get going but it finally got big enough to cook marshmallows and popcorn.Page_9

Its been another great afternoon, thank you year 5, it was fun. I think I might pop down to year five to see what else you find out about sound and making sounds. I am still wondering why the flames make a noise.

2 Responses to We’re Jammin’

  1. Lisa Gray

    It looks like so much fun , can I join you sometime please ?

    • gmilner

      You would have been so impressed with year 5. Of course you can come with us, next Thursday afternoon is year 6 doing science, and then the following weeks are year 3 and 4, not sure what day but they’re on the calendar.

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