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Changes were happening in the woods today

Posted by on October 10, 2013

Year six are learning about reversible and irreversible changes in science, so we decided to have a go at some experiments in the woods.

Have a look and see what we got up to. It did get messy – especially when we were making the plaster of paris – but that might be because some of us got impatient and added more and more powder and then it started to set before we had chance to pour it.  We managed finially to get plaster into all of the moulds and hopefully tomorrow we will be able to see if we can get the plaster from the mould without breaking them.

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We then went to the fire circle for some more irreversible changes, and another opportunity to get messy – we saw how we add ingredients to make pancakes and then by mixing them we create an irreversible change – and Gilly actually managed to make some pancakes without burning them. We also had popcorn, and while the fire was burning we put some pieces of white material in a tin with holes in it and placed it in the embers. We were trying to make charcloth. Charcloth is a really good thing to use as tinder to start fires. We won’t know until tomorrow if it’s worked as the time was too hot to open before we left the fire circle.


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