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Heave Ho! We are viking warriors!

Posted by on October 14, 2013

Well it was wet, and miserable today, but year 4 were wet but they certainly weren’t miserable. We almost cancelled this afternoons session because the rain was so heavy, but year 4 convinced me they didn’t mind getting wet, and do you know what I don’t think they did.

I had a great afternoon, and the smiles on year 4’s faces makes me think they did too.

We did some Viking chanting, and tried to look menacing and mean, we made some pots and decorated them using runes, we dodged an invasion by making Viking longboats and of course got warm with some hot pop and toasted marshmallows.



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I have been really impressed with you all this afternoon, for lots of reasons, here are some of them;

how you all got stuck in despite the cold and wet weather

how you remembered the safety things and could explain why we do things

your collaboration skills when you were making boats

how you could tell me about things you had learned in class about Vikings

and it was good to see how well mannered you are!

I won’t forget that I am going to come down and show you the different ways Vikings lit fires, maybe you could do some research and find out a little bit then you can help me out when I come to your class.



6 Responses to Heave Ho! We are viking warriors!

  1. Miss Holdsworth

    Looks great! Can’t wait for Year 3’s turn! 🙂

    • gmilner

      It was fun, I do hope for some drier weather though, I had to swap my Viking gear for waterproofs!

  2. libby clarke in you 4

    I love it

  3. Deon

    I had a good time . And enjoyed it with my new friends.

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