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Kings Oak School came to play

Posted by on October 18, 2013

Yesterday and today F2 children from Kings Oak school came to play in the woods for the day. We really enjoyed having our visitors, and were so pleased it didn’t rain.

We had lots of fun looking for fairies, we found lots of clues to tell us that the fairies had been in the woods.

We all had a dragon’s breath bracelet so that the fairies would know we were friendly and not be scared. We made our own fairies too and left them in the woods. I wonder if they are still there or if they have moved off and hidden in the trees.

All good fairies have a magic wand, we made our own, they were awesome. After dinner we collected things to make wishes, and of course finished off with hot pop and toasted marshmallows.

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We hope you had a good time playing in our woods, it was good fun for us and we’d love to see you all again soon.

Gilly and Mrs Stockdale.

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