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Explosive Year 2

Posted by on November 5, 2013

Today is Bonfire Day, and what fun we had finding out why we have Bonfire Night. The wind made it difficult because all of the story pictures had blown away. We had to find them before we could tell the story. We found out all about Guy Fawkes and how he wanted to blow up the Houses of Parliament. Can you remember why Guy Fawkes and his friends didn’t like the new king?

We made some of our own explosions. They didn’t bang, but they were amazing fun. Some of us found out the hard way that we should stand well back!

What better way to finish our afternoon than with some bonfire food. Hot dogs and hot pop! Oh and we made the flames burn different colours. MAGIC!

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2 Responses to Explosive Year 2

  1. Alicia's mum

    Wow Yr2 – It looks like you had great fun today in the woods – Alicia tells me today was magical in the woods – Alicia says she learnt a lot about bonfire night. She tells me that your a good cook too Gilly – I love to see and hear all about your learning. Keep up your hard work x

    • gmilner

      Mrs Stockdale and myself are thinking of setting up a hot dog stand! It was good fun, but I think it’s only so much fun because of how the children get involved.

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