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There is such a thing as the Gruffalo

Posted by on November 12, 2013

Year one have been busy this week thinking about the Gruffalo. They have also been thinking about adjectives. Wow! I was so impressed with how they thought of adjectives to describe things they found. There were some brilliant ideas.

We found some fur in the woods, the Gruffalo had been and got his fur caught on trees. We found some fur high up in a tree, this made us think that the Gruffalo must be tall. We thought about the different animals in the story and worked out what sort of homes they might have. We know the mouse is small so built a small house on the floor with somewhere to hide. Look where the children put homes for the owl. Can you guess where they are?

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Year 1 you were super learners this afternoon, I loved how you remembered and used things you have been learning inside.


2 Responses to There is such a thing as the Gruffalo

  1. Year 1

    Thank you for letting us go to Forest school. It was lots of fun. We loved the marshmallows and enjoyed building houses for the animals. Miss Wiggan was very impressed with all the adjectives we could suggest.
    We would love to visit the forest again.
    From Year 1 🙂

    • gmilner

      We had a great afternoon didn’t we. I wonder if you can think of some adjectives to describe the woods. I’d love to go to the forest again with you.

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