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Posted by on November 18, 2013

It was an exciting morning in the woods today. While the children were exploring, we heard a shout “LOOK WHAT I’VE FOUND!” We all rushed round to find what it was – have a look at the pictures to see what was so exciting and perhaps a little bit scary.

Page_1 Page_2

We found some eggs in a nest, something had hatched out of them. We had also found some fur on the trees, it was when we followed the fur trail that we found the eggs. Did the fur come from who or whatever had laid the eggs?

The children had lots of good ideas of what might have hatched out of the eggs, and made models from clay.


Next the children thought about what sort of character their creature was, and what sort of home it might have. They then set about to make the homes. I know I always say this, but once again I was super impressed with how the boys stretched their collaboration muscles, and it was fantastic to hear all the chatter between everyone.

Page_4 Page_5

I had a lovely morning with you all.

If you get round to making some pictures from the charcoal let me know and I’ll come and have a look at them.


14 Responses to CAUTION! DANGER !

  1. Mrs Lockwood

    Thank you for another fab day!! We had loads of fun.

    • gmilner

      They really are a joy to watch aren’t they? It was lots of fun – especially when that egg got stuck!

  2. Gage

    I love forest school.
    I see a beard and some eggs.

    • gmilner

      You remembered all the things to keep safe too Gage. That was really good.

  3. Jamie

    I liked it and I liked working with gage

    • gmilner

      You did super collaboration, especially when you had to work out how to carry that heavy log.

  4. Gage

    Thank you Gilly

  5. Jamie

    And the fire

  6. Scott

    On Monday we do flees school I like kicking the home and the hot drying on the cllad day.

    • gmilner

      It was really cold on Monday wasn’t it, I was glad we had a fire to warm up a little bit.

  7. Scott

    I like doing Forrest school because I like the end have some good and drinks I feel happy.

    • gmilner

      Do you enjoy doing the activities too. I think the fire is one of my favourite parts because we get to talk about what we have done.

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