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Year 4 stretched their learning muscles

Posted by on December 9, 2013

This afternoon year 4 thought about all the different learning muscles they might stretch during the afternoon. They were able to give some good examples and explain why different learning muscles would be used. We did something a bit different today, I handed over the camera to the children to take pictures showing examples of children stretching different learning muscles.

Can you work out which learning muscles are being stretched in some of these pictures?

We were doing activities to help us stretch our perseverance and collaborative muscles, learning how to tie and use clove hitch knots wasn’t easy! Look at our video and see if we did stretch these learning muscles.

I’ve really enjoyed looking through the pictures you took year 4 – it helps me see some of the things that are important and interesting to you. Thank you 🙂


Year 4’s own blog post about the woods can be seen here

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