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F1 Growing in the Woods

Posted by on December 17, 2013

Today was a great day with F1 but a bit of a sad one too. Today was our last session of forest schools with this group, a new group will be taking part after Christmas.

We spent time talking about things we had done, I thought about all the ways I have seen the children grow over the last term. Their growth in confidence has been amazing, they have become more independent, more helpful towards each other and more confident to take risks and have a go. It has also been brilliant to see how friendships have grown and how the children talk with each other. There are so many things the children have done and every week we have been impressed with them.

When I was thinking about how the children have grown over the past few weeks, I remembered that on the first session we planted our Woodland Trust trees, so today we went to look at them and see if they had grown at all.Page_1


I spent some time today just watching and listening to the children as they played and explored. Here’s some of the things they got up to.

4 Responses to F1 Growing in the Woods

  1. Leon's mummy

    Lovely pictures! Looks lots of fun

  2. Jessica's mummy

    It’s a real shame this was the last one 🙁 I think the kids got so much out of it and really looked forward to it. Gilly you are a fabulous asset to the school xx

  3. gmilner

    Thank you, it really is so rewarding to be with the children in the woods. We will get chance to go again. 🙂

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