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The cold didn’t stop us collaborating

Posted by on January 7, 2014

Have you seen Year 2’s role play area? It’s a super igloo!  They are thinking about cold places. I had ordered some snow for today’s Forest School afternoon, but it wasn’t quite cold enough so we just had rain! Oh we did get wet … and muddy!

We started off by thinking how things in our woods change as the weather gets colder, and set off looking for things which we thought looked different since it started to get cold. We found lots of leaves – can you think how they look different to what they looked like in the summer?


Afterwards we worked in groups to make shelters to protect us from the cold and rain. The children thought of different ideas of how to make their dens, and I think I saw some of the best collaboration I have seen during Forest School activities. Well done Year 2! The children really persevered and they really had to because of the weather. The children were really absorbed and were sharing ideas with each other about the best way to make their shelters.

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I gave the children a choice when we had finished the dens, we could get a little warmer by  going back up to class or by having a fire and hot pop.

Which do you think they chose?


Here is Year 2s blog about this afternoon


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