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Year 1 detectives solving the puzzle.

Posted by on January 13, 2014

This morning we did something a little bit different in the woods. Year 1 were given the message that something had happened in the woods, but we did not have any details. We would have to become detectives to find out what had happened. This would need us to really stretch our noticing muscles.

The first clue we found was a missing poster. It told us a little girl had gone missing, but it didn’t tell us who it was. We soon found a newspaper cutting that told us a little bit more, we now knew the little girl had gone to visit her Grandma, and had taken presents. It also told us a little bit about what she was wearing. Year  detectives, can you remember what it said. We found some fur, some children thought this was from the little girls coat, some children thought it might be from an animal. We also found some buns. The detectives really stretched their noticing muscles and wrote down the different things they found. We moved to a different area and found more clues – footprints and an axe – and more buns! Finally we went to another area and found a house, there was no one inside but after looking at clues we thought it was Grandmas house. Alfie thought Grandma wasn’t there because a wolf had eaten her. We found one more clue – a red coat. Jamie had a good idea, he thought the little girl was Little Red Riding Hood. When we had found all of the clues we took them back to the incident room, where we remembered what clues we had found and wrote them on a map of the area. The detectives pieced together the clues and came up with the ideas about what had happened in the woods. Page_1
 photo Page_2_zps01a8bc78.jpg
 photo Page_3_zps22a34ff0.jpg
 photo Page_4_zpsa604e410.jpg

I had such a good morning and can’t wait to look at some of the work you do back in class.

2 Responses to Year 1 detectives solving the puzzle.

  1. Jamie

    It looks exciting

    • gmilner

      It was good fun and the children had some really good ideas. I am looking forward to our next time in the woods Jamie.

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