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A cold but fantastic day in the woods.

Posted by on January 14, 2014

This morning the F2 group went down to the woods. Some of the children made crowns by finding different things to stick on them. Can you see some of the things the chose. A group of boys found that they could make marks in the soil with sticks and started to draw and write. Other children stretched their imagination muscles and pretended to be witches flying on broomsticks. It was brilliant to see children helping their friends to move through the trees.
 photo Page_1_zpsfa89819b.jpg
 photo Page_2_zpsb4b7daa7.jpg
 photo Page_3_zps0206b4df.jpg

This afternoon Year 1 came back to the woods. They stretched their noticing muscles looking for things that have changed in the woods since it has got cold. Afterwards the children worked in groups building dens. They really stretched their collaboration muscles and came up with different ideas for ways to make their dens. The children had to persevere to tie knots. The children were so absorbed in their den building that we nearly ran out of time to have marshmallows!
 photo y1_zps34e7016e.jpg
 photo y12_zps9d123a89.jpg

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