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A is for Amazing!

Posted by on February 6, 2014

I’m going to start this post at the end of today’s session. One of my favourite parts of forest schools is the time we spend at the fire circle. I love to hear everyone chattering, it’s also the time when we get to think about what we have done and what we have enjoyed. Quite often most people say the hot pop and marshmallows were the favourite bit, but today I was blown away by Year 6’s comments. Almost everyone talked about the activities and how they had been collaborating and how they had worked together to solve a problem. They were right too, during the activities I saw some incredible examples of collaboration and perseverance. It wasn’t easy for everyone at the start of the afternoon, but they worked through problems and pulled together to complete tasks. It really was brilliant to watch.  I really like to see how you all get stuck in, and I love seeing the different ways you all tackle the same thing.

We imagined we were in the time of Anne Frank in World War Two, we were fleeing the Nazis, part of this was to use things we found in the woods (some things had been left by allies) to make shelters to hide in. Afterwards the groups were given sets of items they might need to survive, the problem was each group could only take four things, so they had to choose which would be most useful. This involved lots of discussion, reasoning and some compromise. I loved how some of you thought of the idea to trade items with other groups.
 photo Page_1_zpsfca61ef0.jpg
 photo Page_2_zpsc3df488f.jpg
 photo Page_3_zps89134f48.jpg
Miss Woodward  recorded some of the children’s comments, they are on Year 6’s blog, but I’m going to try and borrow them to put on here.

(hmmm they don’t look quite the same as they do on Year 6’s blog)

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