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Making maps in the woods

Posted by on February 10, 2014

Year 4 are doing a topic about Barnsley. I enjoyed listening to some facts that they know about Barnsley. I also learnt that year 4 have been looking at maps. They told me they had made maps and plans of their classroom and that they had used a key on their map. This was going to be helpful for what we were going to do today.

First of all the children put themselves in groups to make dens. After a few minutes the children were able to find groups for themselves to work in. It’s not really as easy as it sounds! Once they had built their dens we looked at how we could use things from the woods to make a plan of the area around our dens. Can you remember some of the things you used to represent your den, the trees, and other things in the area?

It was great to hear the groups discussing how to make their maps. Some groups collaborated really well to do this. Well done.
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3 Responses to Making maps in the woods

  1. jayden

    The best bit in forest school was the hot pop and marsmeloes

  2. gmilner

    I love that bit too. I like it because I like to listen to everyone chattering and asking questions.

  3. jessica

    good teem work ever

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