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One World Week

Posted by on February 18, 2014

This week everyone in school is learning about South Africa. The children told me about what they had been thinking about in class. Yesterday the children had used their noticing muscles when exploring different fruits from Africa.

It is the last week before the holidays and Mrs Stockdale’s last time in the woods for us so we were going to do something special  - we were going to cook one of the fruits on the campfire – we were going to make chocolate bananas! We talked first about the journey of the banana, and how it got from the plantation in Africa to a shelf in one of our shops and then to us. Can you remember the different ways the bananas get transported on their journey?

In the woods the children explored and made up games with their friends while we took turns to prepare our bananas. They had to be cut, and then chocolate drops were put inside before they were wrapped up in foil. We were really lucky and had sunny weather so we could stay outside for a lot longer this week.

The children were really impressive at remembering all the ways they keep themselves and each other safe when we are in the woods and the fire circle, they remembered without needing any help. I was really impressed that the children were able to remember everything they had learned about the bowsaw, and that was two weeks ago and we have only used it once!
 photo Page_1_zpse6715598.jpg
 photo Page_2_zpsa7fd60b9.jpg
 photo Page_3_zpsea8ff522.jpg
 photo Page_4_zps794a8da0.jpg
Do you think the children enjoyed the bananas and chocolate? What makes you think that?


2 Responses to One World Week

  1. Miss Mather

    How lucky you all got to enjoy a lovely morning in the beautiful spring sunshine eating those delicious chocolate bananas by the campfire 🙂 I wish I could have joined you ! 😀

    • gmilner

      You would have been really impressed with the children, and the weather was fabulous. The bananas were yummy or so the children told me.

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