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Monthly Archives: March 2014

Take A Risk

Today we had visitors from other schools come to play in the woods. We were hosting a taster day looking at the benefits of taking risks and the forest school ethos. We thought about how important communication and positive interactions are to develop self confidence and self esteem, and how this supports children to take … Continue reading »

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The Dummy Fairy came to visit

Well done Amelia and George, the dummy fairy says thank you for giving your dummies to her for the fairy babies!

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Helpful, thoughtful and absorbed.

What a great morning we had with F2 today. Not only were they fantastic in the woods, but before we set off they were brilliant at helping each other get ready, and afterwards everyone helped to tidy the waterproofs and wellies away.

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F2 make space trees

F2 have been thinking about aliens and what it might be like on different planets. This afternoon in the woods we collected sticks to make ‘space trees’. The children really stretched their noticing muscles. We found lots of nutshells. We think they may have been left by a squirrel who had eaten the nut. Oh … Continue reading »

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Persevering with the bow saw

This morning CIRP did some super persevering using the bow saw. They didn’t find it very easy but they stretched their perseverance muscles and managed to cut themselves a wooden cookie. Before we did that though we had to learn about how we would keep safe using the saw, especially as the boys noticed how … Continue reading »

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Sheltering from the sun.

Year 1 told me about deserts and what you might find in deserts. They told me it was the sun that made the deserts hot. We talked about what we might need a shelter for if we were in the desert, and worked out we would need it to give us shade. We pretended our … Continue reading »

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How many …

learning muscles can we stretch in the woods? Have a look at these pictures and see if you can work out which learning muscles F2 stretched this morning in the woods. First of all the children went on an underpants hunt, some of them where stuck high up in trees, where they couldn’t be reached … Continue reading »

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We like to play with sticks

We like to play with sticks at our school.  We build with them, dig with them, make marks. Sometimes we just like to carry them.. There are big sticks, curly sticks, straight sticks and little sticks.  We have all sorts of different sticks.  They can be telescopes, fishing rods, ray guns and just about anything … Continue reading »

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Year 2 try to make pancakes.

This afternoon we talked a little about pancake day, and the different reasons why people might have pancakes today. We talked a little about Lent and why that is an important time for Christian people. The children then imagined they were going to spend time in the wilderness and had to make shelters to protect … Continue reading »

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F2 try to make pancakes.

This morning we talked about pancake day. When we got to the woods the children explored, some dug holes and found roots and worms. Other children mixed mud and made pretend pancakes. Whatever they chose to do they collaborated with their friends. There was lots of chatter and sharing, and the children really stretched their … Continue reading »

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