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F2 try to make pancakes.

Posted by on March 4, 2014

This morning we talked about pancake day. When we got to the woods the children explored, some dug holes and found roots and worms. Other children mixed mud and made pretend pancakes. Whatever they chose to do they collaborated with their friends. There was lots of chatter and sharing, and the children really stretched their noticing muscles.

We went to the fire circle and everyone helped to make the mixture. Then I tried to cook pancakes! What a disaster, I persevered but finally we decided the mixture wasn’t right so we had toasted marshmallows instead.

We learnt that things some times do not go to plan, but that’s ok.
 photo Page_1_zpsf7dac4a8.jpg
 photo Page_2_zpsaa5744a2.jpg
 photo Page_3_zpsb77ef9c8.jpg
 photo Page_4_zpsb1af8ecd.jpg

4 Responses to F2 try to make pancakes.

  1. Aaron's mummy

    Well done F2 – I can see really good behaviour in the wooods and fantastic colaboration – I bet the pancakes you had were yummy – I know Aaron was very excited to go and play in the woods today and even fell asleep as soon as he got home tonight – Keep up your hard work

    • gmilner

      we had to have marshmallows, our pancakes didn’t quite work out!

  2. libby

    we had a good pankey day yestday.

  3. gmilner

    It was good fun wasn’t it Libby ?

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