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Year 2 try to make pancakes.

Posted by on March 4, 2014

This afternoon we talked a little about pancake day, and the different reasons why people might have pancakes today. We talked a little about Lent and why that is an important time for Christian people. The children then imagined they were going to spend time in the wilderness and had to make shelters to protect them from the heat or the cold. What amazing collaboration. I enjoyed standing back and watching how much the children in year 2 have grown. Some children who used to watch their friends were beginning to be leaders, and they really did work together to make their dens.

Once again we went off to the fire circle – and this time we DID manage to make pancakes!
 photo Page_1_zps927f86fb.jpg
 photo Page_2_zps79cba5d2.jpg

This is year 2’s own blog about this afternoon

2 Responses to Year 2 try to make pancakes.

  1. Alicia's mummy

    Wow! It sure looks like you’ve all had great fun in the woods today – Mmmmmmm – I thought I could smell your yummy pancakes as I walked up the school drive – Keep up your safe playing in the woods and I look forward to seeing your next visit

    • gmilner

      I had mastered pancakes by this afternoon, I bet it was our pancakes you could smell!

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