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Sheltering from the sun.

Posted by on March 12, 2014

Year 1 told me about deserts and what you might find in deserts. They told me it was the sun that made the deserts hot. We talked about what we might need a shelter for if we were in the desert, and worked out we would need it to give us shade. We pretended our woods were an oasis in the desert and set off to make shelters. I just love year 1’s imagination! We had shelters with televisions, not only that but someone set off to find something to use as a remote. We had a shelter with an alarm so that everyone would wake up for the show. I was curious what show they would be watching and found out it was a camel show! Some of the children used sticks to make music to entertain the baby camels.

The children collaborated to build their shelters. We were lucky that the sun was shining today so that we could see if the shelters really worked. When the shelter was in the right place we noticed the sun reflecting off the tarpaulin, and we noticed that the tarpaulin made a big shadow.
Some of the children persevered to tie knots for their shelters, and some children just persevered with tying knots – just because they enjoy tying knots. When I took some of the dens back down I noticed just how good you are at tying lots of knots!
 photo Page_1_zps7da5c25e.jpg
 photo Page_2_zpsa76b58e7.jpg

3 Responses to Sheltering from the sun.

  1. Miss Wiggan

    What super collaboration year1. I was very impressed that you had built such super shelters and even checked that there were no rattle snakes!

  2. libby

    I like the forist sckool wen I coold

  3. Thomas Law

    It looked like good fun year 1.

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