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F2 make space trees

Posted by on March 17, 2014

F2 have been thinking about aliens and what it might be like on different planets. This afternoon in the woods we collected sticks to make ‘space trees’. The children really stretched their noticing muscles. We found lots of nutshells. We think they may have been left by a squirrel who had eaten the nut. Oh my word – how big was that worm we found? After looking at the worm some of the children dug a hole for the worm to go in and covered  it with some leaves to keep it safe. Miss Tindle liked the worm better when it had gone back into it’s hiding place.
 photo Page_1_zpsf979fade.jpg
 photo Page_2_zps9e7a7efe.jpg

2 Responses to F2 make space trees

  1. Aaron's mummy

    Wow – it looks like youve had real fun in the woods today – I love the happy expression on Aarons face with the gigantic wiggly worm – I hope you all shared your hotpop and marshmellows with the worm

    • gmilner

      We put the worm somewhere safe before we went for our hot pop 🙂 It really was huge!

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