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Persevering with the bow saw

Posted by on March 17, 2014

This morning CIRP did some super persevering using the bow saw. They didn’t find it very easy but they stretched their perseverance muscles and managed to cut themselves a wooden cookie. Before we did that though we had to learn about how we would keep safe using the saw, especially as the boys noticed how sharp it’s teeth were.
 photo Page_1_zpsa5ab7cef.jpg
The group were also collaborating to make a shelter together. As usual the group had different jobs, Jamie and Gage were chief collectors, Scott was the boss of tying strings, Lydon was Deon’s assistant, and Deon was the “teller what to doer”.
 photo Page_2_zpsb1f63acb.jpg
They then got absorbed in decorating their wooden cookies, before they collaborated to make maps of the area. Finally, what better way to finish than hot pop and marshmallows?
 photo Page_3_zpsc185ee08.jpg

8 Responses to Persevering with the bow saw

  1. Jamie

    I liked eating melted marshmallows

    • gmilner

      Even more than skittles? I read somewhere that you can toast starburst sweets on the campfire. Next time shall we experiment with toasting different things and see which we like the best? I think toasted mars bar might be nice! What do you think?

  2. Gage

    I had a fun times at forest school because I like marshmallow and hot pop I like make a den with Jamie and deon and Scott and Lydon and miss Alster .

    • gmilner

      You are a good collaborator. I like to see you working together with your friends.

  3. Scott

    I like yesterday because I Make the massive den. And delicious marsh mallows.

    • gmilner

      It was a massive den wasn’t it. Next time we will have to try and make a hammock.

  4. Deon

    I had a great time in the forest school my favourite bit is a den.

  5. gmilner

    I think you did really good persevering when we were using the bow saw!

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