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Noticing and Collaborating

Posted by on April 2, 2014

This afternoon we focused on stretching our noticing muscles, we collected interesting items and put them together on a tarpaulin. Then in groups we took turns to be blindfolded and feel one of the items. We had to see if we could pick the item out from the group when we took our blindfold off. It was really good listening to how some of the children explained how they came to their decisions, especially when there were similar items on the ground.
 photo Page_1_zps3e80db51.jpg
 photo Page_2_zps3088c9b7.jpg
 photo Page_3_zpseed1d051.jpg
After this we collaborated to work out how to turn over our iceberg without falling into the sea. We found out that communication and talking to each other was really important in being able to do this task together.
 photo Page_4_zpsfe730215.jpg
For our next activity we really had to collaborate, it was really important to make sure we were communicating with each other, to make sure we kept each other safe. This game helped us to stretch our noticing muscles and our collaboration muscles. We were blindfolded, and two friends guided us to find a tree. Once we had taken our blindfold off we had to see if we could find the tree that our friends had led us to. How did it feel when you couldn’t see and had to trust your friends to keep you safe? Was it difficult being a guide?
 photo Page_5_zpsafdc3b8c.jpg
 photo Page_6_zpsa374157a.jpg
We were all ready for a sit down and snack!
 photo Page_7_zpsf500bf45.jpg

Can anyone identify Bailey’s plant?

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  1. gmilner

    Spot the spelling mistake on the comic strip first for an extra marshmallow next time you are in the fire circle!

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