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F2 – Noticing Nigels in the woods.

Posted by on April 8, 2014

We talked lots today about Noticing Nigel. The children were able to tell me all of the different ways we notice things. They told me about looking at things, smelling things, tasting things. Can you think of other ways to stretch your noticing muscles?

In the woods we found interesting objects and then played the blindfold guessing game. Some of the things were easy to identify. When we were blindfolded we held an object and described what it felt like, we sometimes checked if it had a smell or if it made a noise when we shook it. It was very funny because some of the children chose a worm and a slug as their interesting object. The worm was easy to guess. Can you remember why it was easy to know it was a worm even when you couldn’t see it? At the end we tasted hot pop and marshmallows. The children noticed the different sounds the fire made. Sometimes it crackled and sometimes it popped. When we put it out at the end it sizzled.
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 photo Page_2_zps1509938d.jpg
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