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Year 3 – blindfolded in the woods

Posted by on April 10, 2014

Have a look at the photos from this afternoon. Year 3 were stretching their noticing and collaboration muscles.
 photo Page_1_zps4af24262.jpg
 photo Page_2_zpsd285b3b3.jpg
W photo Page_3_zps0cd18772.jpg

What did it feel like to be blindfolded? Was it scary?

How did you feel when you were holding your hand out waiting for something to put an object on it? Were you worried about what they might choose?

When you were being guided through the woods what things that your guides said or did were most helpful in making you feel safe?

Can you think of some of the different things you saw, heard, felt, smelt and tasted in the woods?


25 Responses to Year 3 – blindfolded in the woods

  1. Corey

    I dident feyl sceard when I was blind folded.

  2. henley

    It was not skery .it was fun.

    • gmilner

      You must have trusted your friends a lot if you weren’t scared. You must have been collaborating really well.

  3. hayley

    it felt scary when I walked blind folded in to the forest because Sian walked me in to a tree

    • gmilner

      I imagine that does make it very scary if you think your guide isn’t using their noticing muscles to make sure you are safe.

  4. louix

    It felt strange when I did not no what was about to hapend.

    • gmilner

      I know what you mean, earlier in the week I was blindfolded and the children could pick sticks, stones, leaves, a worm or a slug!

  5. preston

    I like it when a had a go at the bint fold

  6. tyla

    I Lake when we had the fhayar

    • gmilner

      You answered some really good questions yesterday, well done!

  7. Joshua

    I think the best part was the marshmellows

  8. Isabelle

    I liked when we had the marshmallows.
    When I had the blindfold on I wasn’t scared.

  9. elisha

    it was not scarey it was fun and cool clablbrat with my frends. when poppy and tyla where tacking me to a tree I did have to fel

  10. Blake and kaleigh

    Being blindfolded is very scary because you could not see.
    When we were waiting it was a bit scary, because we did not know what they were going to choose.
    Yes, it was helpful because they told you were you was.
    we could here the bird’s tweeting, you could feel the bark of the tree when you were blindfolded.

  11. poppy

    yes it was scary.

  12. poppy


  13. poppy

    yes I didn’t want it to be dead mice

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