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Monthly Archives: May 2014

The very hungry caterpillar

This week we are thinking about the very hungry caterpillar. We know he eats lots of different things and grows bigger. He then goes to sleep in a cocoon and after two weeks he turns into a beautiful butterfly. Some of us went to the woods today and listened to the story, we then made … Continue reading »

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F2 toasted their own marshmallows.

We had a great time in the woods today. I was really pleased with F2 today, they remembered what things they need to do to keep safe in the fire circle. As it wasn’t windy or slippery in the fire circle the children were able to toast their own marshmallows. It takes quite a long … Continue reading »

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Adventurous CIRP

I took a few different things to the woods today ready for CIRP, we had magnifying glasses, den making kits and clay. The children explored the woods and found a few different minibeasts. Can you remember what you found. As always Scott got busy tying knots. Everyone made a clay pot and used sticks to … Continue reading »

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Barnsley TSA – Taster Day

What brilliant weather today, I couldn’t have asked for anything better, the last 2 Taster Days we have done have been pretty cold to say the least. We had a group of people from different schools with us today, we were looking at how stories and topic can be used outdoors, and how we can … Continue reading »

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Very busy F2

This half term F2 have been thinking about the stories written by an author called Eric Carle, they have learnt all about the very hungry caterpillar and the bad tempered ladybird. Today we hear the story of the very busy spider. Afterwards we made spider’s webs, and then we found some tiny black caterpillars. They … Continue reading »

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Year 1 looking for clues

Year 1 were nature detectives today, they stretched their noticing muscles to look for clues to see what sorts of trees we have in our woods. Afterwards we stretched our noticing muscles again – but this time we were blindfolded, we had to use our other senses to try and work out what we had … Continue reading »

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F2 persevering in the woods

This morning the children got really busy in the woods, some children persevered to tie knots, other children played together stretching their imagination muscles. Because everyone was so busy it meant Miss Tindle and myself could watch and listen to all of the chatter. I really enjoy being able to do that and see how … Continue reading »

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Impressive year 3

I could really tell that year 3 have been working on collaboration. It was fantastic to see how you were working together this afternoon. It was great too that some of you remembered about the knots we had used in the past. I had to stretch my perseverance muscles today. We did a bit of … Continue reading »

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F2 nature detectives

This morning we talked about living things. The children were able to tell me that living things grow and they need some sort of food. Not all living things are animals, things like trees and flowers are living things. We also talked about some of the food that living things need to grow. We talked … Continue reading »

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