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Impressive year 3

Posted by on May 1, 2014

I could really tell that year 3 have been working on collaboration. It was fantastic to see how you were working together this afternoon. It was great too that some of you remembered about the knots we had used in the past.
I had to stretch my perseverance muscles today. We did a bit of an experiment to make popcorn using a method I haven’t used before (we had marshmallows just in case the popcorn didn’t work). It looked like the popcorn wasn’t working, and by the time it was time to go back up to school only 2 pieces had popped. I knew this meant it was ready to start popping, so I waited with it when the children had to go back up to school. My perseverance paid off – the popcorn popped! I’ll bring it to your class tomorrow.
Well done year 3!
 photo Page_1_zps5ac3e1fe.jpg
Year 3’s blog about this afternoon is here.

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