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Adventurous CIRP

Posted by on May 19, 2014

I took a few different things to the woods today ready for CIRP, we had magnifying glasses, den making kits and clay. The children explored the woods and found a few different minibeasts. Can you remember what you found. As always Scott got busy tying knots. Everyone made a clay pot and used sticks to make patterns in them.
We found out today why I ask you to have your arms and legs covered in the woods. At this time of year there are lots of nettles growing – and they sting! We found out that dock leaves grow near to nettles and if you rub them on a nettle sting it makes it feel better.
We also tried lots of things at the fire circle. Look at the pictures to see some of the things we tried today.
 photo Page_1_zpsf96da561.jpg
Everyone persevered with the fire steel and some managed to catch a spark on the cotton wool. How did it feel if you were able to make a flame?
 photo Page_2_zpsf28b3718.jpg
 photo Page_3_zps38be6557.jpg
I made some nettle crisps today! I wasn’t keen but everyone else said they were nice. I wonder if you would like them?
 photo Page_4_zpsa45d1ae6.jpg
 photo Page_5_zpscb35583c.jpg

8 Responses to Adventurous CIRP

  1. Gage

    I had fun times at forest school on the fire we had some food because star brush

    • gmilner

      I was surprised when you did taste the nettle crisps yesterday. I didn’t really like it.

  2. Jamie

    I enjoyed doing forest schools

    • gmilner

      You were really brave yesterday, I was really proud of you.

  3. Scott

    And mack the dan and I mack the hammock but keep on off down. I like the food what we have nettle cris pop corn starburst and fist one the pop cern bont and Hot dilute and forests schools is the end.

    • gmilner

      Did you really like the nettle crisps? Would you like them better if they were covered in chocolate?

  4. Deon

    Lyndon found a bright green catapiler on a branch, and then we found a black spiky catapiler on the bench. I like catapiler
    Because they are interesting.

    • gmilner

      You both stretched your noticing muscles yesterday. I like caterpillars too, you’re right they are interesting.

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