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F2 toasted their own marshmallows.

Posted by on May 20, 2014

We had a great time in the woods today. I was really pleased with F2 today, they remembered what things they need to do to keep safe in the fire circle.

As it wasn’t windy or slippery in the fire circle the children were able to toast their own marshmallows. It takes quite a long time to get around everyone, but everyone was patient and waited their turn. Well done F2!

2 Responses to F2 toasted their own marshmallows.

  1. Aaron's mummy

    Fantastic work FS2 – Aaron tells me that you all had great fun today in the woods – Aaron tells me that Gilly’s wriggly worms ate tge best and that they are really big – I do hope theyre not too big to hold – keep up yrour great learning in the woods and keep safe x

  2. Miss Mather

    Wow F2 it looks like you all had a really fun time in the woods with Gilly, i’m pleased to see that everyone has been following the safety rules around the fire, well done 😀 Missing you all very much !

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