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Monthly Archives: June 2014

Year 4 – Habitats and Imagination

This afternoon I told year 4 about an email I had had from the Paranormal Society, it explained that some eggs had been laid in the woods but no one was sure what had laid the eggs. The children used their knowledge about habitats to come up with some ideas. I was impressed with your … Continue reading »

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Muddy Puddles

Yesterday was International Mud Day, so today we made lots of muddy puddles in our mud kitchen in the woods.

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Thank you to everyone who braved the wet weather and came to our Ready Steady Play activity this morning. It was lovely to see so many of the children who are starting in WCPS nursery in September and their parents. We had lots of fun looking for those cheeky teddy bears who were hiding in … Continue reading »

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Barnsley TSA Taster Day – Maths and Science

It was great to have practitioners from other schools joining us for some fun in the woods. We were looking at ideas/starting points for maths and science activities, but as always we found that there were even more curriculum links to the different activities. It was brilliant to hear how these activities prompted everyone to … Continue reading »

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Now I am 4

We had our first after school event in the woods today and it was fabulous. We weren’t sure how many children would come, and were only expecting 3 or 4, but how pleasantly surprised we were when around 14 children and their parents came to play. Some children joined us from other nearby schools and … Continue reading »

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Team work makes things easier

I had some things to do today but I couldn’t do it by myself, so I went to year1 for some helpers. Kyle and Harrison worked out that they job was easier to do when they worked together. Thank you for your help boys, you did super collaboration.

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Campfire fun

It’s not very often that everyone from the Children’s Centre get to the woods together. Today we went to have a campfire because we have been listening to a story about a donkey and goat who go camping. They are the youngest children who go to the woods but WOW! They were amazing, they remembered … Continue reading »

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F2 Investigations

It was an unusual afternoon in the woods for F2 today. Something had laid 3 eggs in a nest in a tree. We had to work out what it might be. The children thought it might be something that could fly because it was in a tree. They also thought it was probably something bigger … Continue reading »

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The Dummy Fairy Came This Morning

Well done everyone who brought their dummies to give to the Dummy Fairy. The Dummy Fairy is really proud of you all and hopes the magic fairy dust will help you to go to sleep without your dummies. The pictures can be found here.

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F2 absorbed in their learning.

Yesterday F2 came to the woods, we had lots of different activities for the children to choose including making snails from clay and sticks, a scavenger hunt, decorating snail pictures with leaves, and the children even made their own activities up. It was fantastic to see some of the children putting clay onto trees and … Continue reading »

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