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F2 Investigations

Posted by on June 24, 2014

It was an unusual afternoon in the woods for F2 today. Something had laid 3 eggs in a nest in a tree. We had to work out what it might be. The children thought it might be something that could fly because it was in a tree. They also thought it was probably something bigger than a chicken. We were so impressed with all of the brilliant ideas and loved how the children really stretched their imagination muscles. The children drew pictures and wrote some words about the creatures they thought had come out of the eggs, and then they made models. F2 I know I told you this afternoon, but I was so pleased with how absorbed you all were in your learning, it was really great to be able to stand back and watch you getting on with everything. You really were superstars!

One Response to F2 Investigations

  1. Sarah

    Looks like they had fun boys not stopped talking about it.

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