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Year 4 – Habitats and Imagination

Posted by on June 30, 2014

This afternoon I told year 4 about an email I had had from the Paranormal Society, it explained that some eggs had been laid in the woods but no one was sure what had laid the eggs.

The children used their knowledge about habitats to come up with some ideas. I was impressed with your answers and how you were able to explain how different animals might choose where their habitat would be. You also could tell me that different habitats might have an effect on some of the characteristics of different animals/creatures.

Some thought that this animal might have wings because the legs were laid up in a tree



There was some brilliant imaginative ideas around the activity. Liam found a something that he thought could have been a wing bone left from what ever had laid the eggs.


The afternoon went so quickly because the children were fully absorbed in their activities, but we had saved enough time to make marshmallows over the fire.

I have to say a big well done to Alex too, who doesn’t really like marshmallows too much (he only tried them for the first time at the last fire we had) but has decided he will have them at forest school. I am very impressed Alex.


4 Responses to Year 4 – Habitats and Imagination

  1. fope

    Forest was fun we got two marshmallows.

  2. jessica e

    it is not real!

  3. jessica e

    that me it is well done very everyone it was funny fun fun but it not real!

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