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Monthly Archives: June 2014

Year 5 reflect and collaborate

We had a fun morning of learning yesterday with year 5. The children stretched their collaboration muscles and were absorbed with the morning’s activities. I really enjoyed sitting around the fire and talking to year 5 about some of their favourite things from this year’s Forest School sessions. It was interesting to hear how different … Continue reading »

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We took a risk today

Today we did something really different at Forest Schools. A few weeks ago Miss Astle asked me if I thought it would be possible to have a session for children from CIRP and also invite children and adults from other resource provisions. Straight away I said “Let’s do it”, but at the back of my … Continue reading »

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Mini Explorers

WOW!  We had such a good turn out for mini explorers this morning. A big thank you to everyone who came and got stuck in exploring and making mud pies. It was so much fun, and lovely to see our youngest ever mini explorers enjoying being in the woods and watching the fire. We hope … Continue reading »

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Year 2 and the lighthouse keeper’s lunch

Collaboration and perseverance were the buzz words from this afternoon. I saw such brilliant collaboration from year 2. They really worked together as teams, giving ideas, listening to ideas, encouraging each other, helping each other. Today was year 2’s last session this year. I was thinking back to September when they had their first session … Continue reading »

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Cirp go on a leaf hunt

We laughed lots this morning as well as doing lots of good learning. It was so much fun watching the boys pretend to be television presenters. I thought it was funny when they were doing news reports about giant spiders to scare Miss Astle!

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Lights, camera, action – Year 4 – forest school tv

Year 4 are doing a topic called Lights, Camera, Action this half term. We collected some material last week when we were out in the woods. Here it is! What a fab afternoon, well done everyone.

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Just a taster of the amazing Year 4

What a great afternoon we had today. Everyone was busy all through the afternoon. Here are some pictures from this afternoon, but watch this space as we were busy collecting material for a short film about Forest Schools. It will take me a little time to put it together so here are a few pictures … Continue reading »

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Year 3 get stuck in

This afternoon I saw all of these learning muscles being stretched – absorption,collaboration, noticing, perseverance, making links. There was lots of learning so I am sure I missed some – which ones did I miss? Which ones did you use? I will see you back in the woods when you are in year 4! I … Continue reading »

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Children’s Centre Builders

Some of our youngest children were building homes for the animals from the Gruffalo story today. Have a look at what they did.

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Super scientists from year 1

Year 1 told me the story about the Lighthouse keeper’s lunch. I heard how the keeper’s wife sent his packed lunch to the lighthouse on a line. Some of the children thought it might be wire, some thought it was rope. We looked at the pictures and saw the basket was attached to the rope … Continue reading »

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