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Windy Woods

Posted by on October 21, 2014

It was very windy today so I had to make extra sure that it would be safe for us to go in the woods.

This morning F2 looked for leaves and seeds. We noticed different colour leaves growing on the same tree. We also saw lots of leaves blowing around in the wind.


This afternoon Year 1 came to the woods to collect things to make magic potions. They listened carefully so they knew how to make their potion more powerful. Having a leaf with holes in it would double the magic, they also needed to have at least three different colours in their potion to make the magic work. After collecting their potions the children needed to find a magic wand. We tested the potions by thinking of magic words and doing a magic fire spell. The potions must have been really good because even in the windy wet weather we managed to light a fire to warm us up.



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