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Posted by on October 22, 2014

Year 6 must be really enjoying their work on crime and punishment because they were able to tell me some really gruesome things they have learnt.

This afternoon we became detectives to try and solve a crime and find out who committed it. We looked at the crime scene, listened to witness statements and alibis from the suspects. The children worked together to decide what parts of the information would be important clues to help us rule out different suspects.

We talked about how crucial it was to think about all of the clues and have evidence because it is possible that the wrong person could be charged with a crime. We found this out because the children came up with two people who they thought were guilty, but when we went back over the clues it would have been impossible for one of those people to have been involved in the robbery. I think this is an important message that can help us day to day – we should take time to listen and find things out before jumping to conclusions which could have not so good consequences.
I then let the children loose with the camera in the fire circle.

Mel came for the first time to the woods today. here are some pictures she took.



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