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Wow! Year 3 are amazing

Posted by on November 27, 2014

What a fantastic morning with year three.  I really do have to tell everyone  what super learners year three are. You  might think it is really easy to stand still and listen when we are talking about how to stay safe, but it isn’t always easy, the children really have to manage their distractions especially when it’s cold and rainy. Well my goodness, year three made it look easy this morning!  They had plenty of time to make dens, it was great to see the collaboration and perseverance the children demonstrated   It made me smile watching the children stretch their imagination muscles and create different role play situations. Year four were good at tidying up yesterday, so I decided to set a challenge, the group that tidies up the best after making dens will get some sort of prize at the end of term.  Yesterday year four just missed five pieces of string, I checked the woods after year three this morning and found just ONE PIECE. This means our leaders at the moment are year three!




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