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We have new leaders

Posted by on December 5, 2014

I think it was the coldest afternoon we have had in the woods his year, it was freezing cold!  That made me think that year five might rush with the tidying away and miss lots of rope and tarpaulins. They did tidy quickly, and worked as a team to make sure they got everything. They did it so quickly I wasn’t sure whether they would have got everything.  I checked later and then I double checked just to make sure. I had to double check because I couldn’t find anything! That was brilliant collaboration making sure everything was tidy. It was really good because I didn’t hear anyone saying “I’ve done mine already” they all got on and helped other groups. Well done year 5!

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One Response to We have new leaders

  1. Alex's mum

    Looks like you all had another good time in Forest School with Gilly.
    Well done with the tidying up too, I hope you all do the same at home for your parents 😉

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