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Amazing perseverance

Posted by on February 27, 2015

Year three are doing some work bout construction. They told me that they are going to be making bird boxes using wood, nils nd homers. This forenoon we were going to construct  triangle from sticks using string. To do this the children had to learn how to do a really tricky knot called a clove hitch, we also called it a bunny knot.  Can you think why we called it this? I was really impressed with how some of the children were able to tie the clove hitch and  then join their sticks together to make a triangle. I was just as impressed with the children who found it really difficult, remember I said it is a very tricky knot to tie. These children, persevered, they tried and tried and then tried some more. It was fantastic that they didn’t give up. Some of them found different ways to tie the string to join their sticks, and others asked for help.

image image image

year three’s own blog post is here.

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