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Posted by on March 25, 2015

Absorbed has to be the word of the day today. The weather has been great and the learning even better. I have had such a good day with all of the groups who have been to the woods. I have mainly been absorbed watching how the children have stretched their perseverance muscles. Harrison had to really stretch his perseverance muscles when he was making an animation this morning. First he made up a story about a scary dragon and a magic fairy, he planned the story out and then he used some figures to create the animation. He had to think carefully about where to move the characters so that the animation worked. Have a look at what he created -watch out for the dragon sneaking in from the side!

The first group this afternoon were from year4 , I love watching and listening this group talk to each other as they decide what they might do in the woods. They did some things together and for part of the afternoon they were doing their own little projects, but all the time they were talking with each other. I was really pleased with how they are careful about what they are doing and are aware of other people around them when they are playing with sticks and digging.


OOPS! I forgot to put a title on the pictures – have a look at the pictures and leave a comment to tell me what you would put as a title.

The other group this afternoon were absorbed in their play, they stretched their imagination muscles. As they were digging they pretended that they were digging out the ‘End of the World Rock’, they told me that if this happens we would all fall through the Earth!

We also talked about the different living things in the woods, and how important it is for us to look after them, especially the trees.



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  1. Sarah

    He said he had lots of fun with Gilly and his friends

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