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Plans, dens and imagination

Posted by on April 29, 2015

What a fabulous afternoon in the woods! Year four were excellent learners this afternoon, they listened carefully as I explained how to plan their dens. First they would have to put themselves in to groups and choose who they were going to work with. Next they needed to find a suitable site for their den, and then they had to draw a plan of what their den would be like. There was more! They needed to mark on the plan where they would tie elephant knots. Once they had done this the groups could collect their equipment and make their dens. I was so impressed with the amount of detail the children were putting on the plans. I was more impressed when I saw the dens taking shape because they looked like the plans AND the children were using elephant knots, they had to persevere and collaborate and they did this so well. Once their dens were built the children stretched their imagination muscles and played lots of different games taking on different roles. It was a super afternoon. I was so impressed that I thought the children would be able to get their own drinks at the fire circle, everyone was able to do this and remember our fire safety rules.  Well done year 4!

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