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Monthly Archives: April 2015

F1 have fun in the woods

This morning F1 were super busy in the woods. There were lots of different things for the children to choose to do, we had the mud kitchen, some paint brushes, paper and pots of mud, magnifying glasses, fairies and spades to name a few. The children quickly decided what they wanted to do and got on … Continue reading »

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Time for dens

Year five drew plans before making their dens this afternoon. The plans showed that the children had thought about how they would tie up their tarpaulins and which trees they would use. Some of the dens did look a bit like the plans.

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The magic of outdoors – day two

We have had fun in the woods today with some people who work at different schools. We have been doing lot of different activities as well as talking about the importance and benefits of taking risks but how we can manage the risks to keep ourselves as safe as possible. Thank you to everyone who … Continue reading »

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After school club

Our new group started after school club today. We had good fun and thought of lots of different things that we hope to find time to do this half term.  

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Proud of Year 1

Year one were amazing this afternoon, they were fantastic at listening and following instructions. They were absorbed in their learning, it was brilliant to watch them getting on with all of the different activities and chatting to each other. I really enjoyed this afternoon, it is fantastic to see how they are growing into super … Continue reading »

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The legend of St. George and the dragon

Cirp went to the woods this morning and thought about the story of George and the dragon because it is St George’s Day this week. The children stretched their imagination muscles and their collaboration muscles. Have a look at the pictures to see what they did. Saint George is the patron saint of England – … Continue reading »

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Fabulous learners from Year 3

This afternoon year 3 really stretched their imagination and absorption muscles. They thought of lots of different creatures that might live down the dark, dark path. Next they thought about the different characteristics their creature might have, and what they might look like. They used this information to thing about what sort of homes they might live in.

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F1 superstars

F1 did super learning this morning. They really stretched their imagination muscles to think what might live down the dark dark path. They then used clay to make what they had thought of.

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Fee fi fo fum

This morning we took a group from the children’s centre to the woods. They have been thinking about Jack and the beanstalk. The children pretended to be the giant and joined in with saying “fee fi fo fum”  they were fantastic at remembering parts of the story. We planted some bulbs, first we dug holes, … Continue reading »

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In a dark, dark ….

Year two stretched their learning muscles this afternoon. They imagined what might live in the dark, dark castle. They were super absorbed making models, and   I saw brilliant collaboration making castles in the woods. Look at these two super learners, they were totally absorbed building their castle, they even collaborated to make a garden … Continue reading »

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