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Monthly Archives: June 2015

Ready steady play

A big thank you to everyone who came to the woods this morning for ready steady play. We had lots of fun, I can’t wait until you’re coming to the woods with F1. Even though it was sunny we enjoyed  having marshmallows at the camp fire.

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After school club

The thing I noticed most of all at after school club today, was how the children played together and helped each other. I really loved seeing the children as they took turn on the rope swing. I had to make sure it was safe first. Some of the children weren’t sure how to use the … Continue reading »

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Visitors at the fire

This afternoon we had even more pirate action in the woods. The children stretched their imagination muscles and thought of some unusual pirate names for themselves.  The children were really good at thinking of different things that pirates have and were brilliant at making props to use in their play. Our South African visitors joined … Continue reading »

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Friday afternoon

On Friday afternoon the group tried some Japanese hapa zome, this is where you get dye onto fabric from leaves and plants using hammers or rocks. The boys also tried out the hammock, until it collapsed!

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F1 really stretched their imagination muscles on Friday morning when they became pirates in the woods. They built some amazing ships and went treasure hunting, they even made Captain Grumpy walk the plant.

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A First for us

Today was really inspiring and fun. It was day three of our Teaching Schools  – The Magic of Outdoors. It is always lovely to welcome other people to our school and share what we do and hear their ideas etc. Today was even more brilliant because we were able to share some of the magic … Continue reading »

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Where are my pants?

Last week I left this message for the pirates in F2. The children have been telling me all week that the pants were on my hat but I couldn’t find them. When we went to the woos we found a message in a bottle, Pirate Pete said that I had stolen his red spotted pants, … Continue reading »

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F2 nature detectives

What amazing noticing skills F2 have.  We went on a tree hunt this morning.  The children knew that different trees have different leaves and are different sizes, so we decided to stretch our noticing muscles and work out what types of tree we have in our woods. I was really impressed with how absorbed the … Continue reading »

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Creative in the woods

We have been quite creative in the woods today. I tried to make pancakes this morning but half way through it started to rain LOTS! We were pretty sheltered by the trees but I am blaming the rain for the pancakes not tasting very good! I persevered and did another but it still didn’t taste … Continue reading »

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Play and perseverance

It was only a small group from f1 this morning. It was such a lovely morning, especially because some of the children chattered lots more thn i usually hear in the woods. I was pleased to see children persevering trying to tie string onto rocks before they asked for help.

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