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Monthly Archives: September 2015

Lots of fun

We had so much fun this afternoon.  We did lots of things, some of the children made swords, we remembered that we don’t touch each other with them. Some of the children were making things with clay. We also played a game of pirates and crocodiles, we made this game up. It was so much … Continue reading »

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Confident Kuba

Kuba had a fantastic morning today. He practiced using the sheath knife again and began to master it. He found it much easier this week. He was so proud of himself, I have noticed how much his confidence has grown, well done Kuba.

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Year 1 have been classifying animals. They have been thinking about what food they eat. Animals can be classified as carnivores, herbivores and omnivores depending on what they eat. Do you know what carnivores eat?  Which one are you?

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F2 werebusythis morning, they were busy doing lots of things. A lot of our children like to climb trees. I am impressed that they can remember the things that will keep them safe.

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The boys played together this morning. They thought of a idea and stretched their imagination muscles to be firefighters. They were really good at listening to each other’s ideas and taking turns.

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Year 6 group

This afternoon’s group were busy this afternoon. They tried out the tyre swing, then some tree climbing. I used the Kelly kettle to make hot chocolate. I was impressed with Jacob and how he was working out how to use different things to make a marble run. We couldn’t find anything that was round enough … Continue reading »

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Talkative Cirp

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Good listening

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Little explorers

Have a look at what the children from Rising Stars got up to on Friday afternoon.  It was fantastic to hear some of the children saying lots of words, especially when the adults told me that some of them are usually very quiet inside. Some of the children got very muddy!

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Mini explorers

Thank you to everyone who came to mini explorers. We had fun making crowns and wands. We also enjoyed playing in the mud and of course we had marshmallows and a camp fire.

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