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Monthly Archives: February 2016

Marvellous monday

It has been a very busy day in the woods, there has been lots of playing and loads of learning. What I have noticed today is how the children have really listened to adults and other children. I love hearing how they share ideas when they are collaborating.  

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Learning together

This afternoon some children from year 4 went to the woods with a group of younger children from the children’s centre. It is amazing to watch how they interact. The older children¬† show such empathy, and are so caring for the younger children. They should be really proud of themselves. They are able to see … Continue reading »

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Collaborating Year 2

What a brilliant morning I had with year 2. We stretched our imagination muscles and went to visit Troll Land. We were on a mission to build new houses for the little people. This took lots of perseverance and collaboration. The children were so absorbed and excited with their learning that we didn’t even realise … Continue reading »

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London’s Burning (Y1 KH/Y1CW)

Year one are experts on the Great Fire of London. They know lots of facts and they can explain how the fire managed to spread and how it was eventually put out. We created our own models of London in 1666 and then watched how a little fire in the bakery spread through London. This … Continue reading »

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Lots of learning

We had two very different groups in the woods today. This morning F2 found some dinosaur eggs and went on a dinosaur hunt. They showed me something they found and told me it was a dinosaur footprint. Year six made dens and then put lots of their maths skills into practice.

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This afternoon year 4 investigated some different materials. Their job was to look after their ‘bottle baby’. After finding out the temperature of their baby they had to wrap it up and put it somewhere to hibernate. The children had some good ideas about which material might keep it the warmest.  

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Big moments

This morning was full of magical memories in the woods. I was buzzing, and the other adults were with the children in F2 SJ today. It was one of those mornings where you get the chance to watch and be part of some amazing learning and some really big steps for some of the children. … Continue reading »

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Using tools

Using tools is fun, it can also be dangerous if we use them incorrectly. At forest school we do lots of ¬†things that could be risky but we think about the safest way we can do things and how we can minimise accidents happening. There are lots of things to think about when using tools … Continue reading »

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F1 afternoon group.

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Up the Magic Faraway Tree

This morning we really stretched our imagination muscles when we climbed the Magic Faraway Tree. We found ourselves in Monster Land today, we were so excited to find the enchanted photo tree there. This time we wished really hard to make the magic work on the photos. Take a look and see how scary it … Continue reading »

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