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Up the Magic Faraway Tree

Posted by on February 22, 2016

This morning we really stretched our imagination muscles when we climbed the Magic Faraway Tree. We found ourselves in Monster Land today, we were so excited to find the enchanted photo tree there. This time we wished really hard to make the magic work on the photos. Take a look and see how scary it is in Monster Land! After we took photographs the children built zombie hotels, it was awesome how absorbed the children were.


5 Responses to Up the Magic Faraway Tree

  1. Helen Ben's mum

    Ben said this has been one of his best ever forest visits

  2. Cody, Ben, Jame

    Yesterday walking down forest, in forest photograph, scary, sharp teeth. Nasty zombie. Scary. – Cody

    I saw a vampire on the tree, I felt scared. – Ben

    Maybe the zombie’s were pictures of our ancestors. – Jamie

    Yesterday us go in the forest, after what us see a magic tree, blood on tree a sign put you on this tree picture go in zombie land. Suddenly me a zombie, this morning me a zombie. Miss take a picture us fake, still zombie. Actually me have to get up, what me eating chocolate spread, play on my game and all my hands turning into zombie. Gilly made that scary tree, not want that tree anymore that scary.
    After potion us drink make me no zombies never again. The end. -Levi

    Today we are still zombies.

    • gmilner

      You’ll be pleased to know that zombie land has gone from the top of the faraway tree. I wonder what land it will be next week. I am excited to see what the enchanted photo tree will do to our photographs next week.

    • gmilner

      I love that you were still thinking about what you did in the woods when you got back to class.

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